L4 Text Responses

L4 Text Responses


The Clockwork Forest by Doug McLeod


Bella, Jade, Lewis and Kelsey have just been reading The Clockwork Forest by Doug McLeod which they all rated very highly. Kelsey is feeling particularly pleased with himself because this book was his choice and it is the first book this year that everyone has really liked.


"In a little while you will be able to see video of us reading our favourite passages aloud, we will tell you about the character each of us has chosen to write aboutand we may even tell you what we thought of the book as a whole.


AND... this is all before we have got down to plan what we will write for our text response."


Lewis rates 10 out of 10

Bella rates 8 out of 10

Jade rates 9 out of 10

Kelsey on Loki

Jade on Cuthbert

Bella on Hannah