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iPad basics
Are you baffled by terms like iOS and Apple ID?  Don’t know your pinches and swipes from your drags? This short session is for the iPad novice.  The hands-on workshop will help you:
  > Identify the parts of the iPad
  > Change the volume, brightness, wallpaper and keyboard layout
  > Navigate the iPad and find apps
  > Understand how to purchase apps

Session dates

Please contact the School Office if you are interested - one-to-one or small group sessions can be arranged to suit your availability. Please bring an iPad to this session.


Making your iPad “kid-friendly
Come along and see how you can customise the many settings on your iPad to ensure your child's safety and your own peace of mind.  This hands-on workshop will help you:
  > Restrict who can access the iPad
  > Enable parental restrictions
  > Restrict which apps and games your child can access
  > Set up content (age) ratings
  > Manage the way purchases occur
  > Manage location privacy

Session dates

Saturday 14 March 2015 1.00pm—2.30pm
In the Conference Room in the School Office
Please bring an iPad to this session.

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Seed raising
Why should the kids have all the fun in the garden? Come along to this practical workshop and learning the fundamentals of seed planting and care with our knowledgeable garden enthusiast. You will plant your own living treasure to take home.

Session dates

Friday 20 March 9.00 — 10.00am
In the School Garden
Please bring along your own egg carton if possible.

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Conversational English
This is an informal and friendly opportunity for those new to speaking English to practice their conversation skills in a small group. You will be able test out your vocabulary, practice giving responses and learn some common Australian words and idioms.

Session dates

Friday 13 March 2015 2.45pm—3.30pm
In the School Kitchen

No booking required

Do you have an idea for a course or would you like to run a workshop yourself?

Please get in touch with the School - we would love to hear from you.