Bring your own device (BYOD)

Whitehorse Primary School incorporates the latest education technology throughout the school including SmartBoards, Document Viewers, Vertables and Notebook computers.

In addition, a "BYOD program" has been running since 2012 and allows the 1:1 use of an iPad as an educational device in the classroom.

If you were to walk around our school today you would see iPads used in so many different ways. iPads are used by teachers to achieve learning outcomes in a child's curriculum from Foundation (Prep) to Grade Six.

The iPad is also used to enhance traditional classroom activities such as

> gather information

train handwriting muscle memory

present research, plays and science experiments

paint a picture

tell a story

compose music

make a movie

practice spelling and times tables

read a book

We are excited about the way we blend and augment the use of the iPad into our teaching and learning programs.