iPad workshops



This series of FREE workshops is designed to help parents and carers (and other interested members of our school community) confidently manage their child’s iPad and gain an appreciation for the capacity of this device for use in and out of the classroom.  Pick and choose which workshops suit you best (though if you are brand-new to the iPad its suggested you attend iPad Basics before other workshops).





Bookings can be made online through this website's calendar or through the office (see right-hand side of the main page).   Dates will be advertised through What’s On and the Whitehorse Whisperer newsletter.



iPad basics


Are you baffled by terms like iOS and Apple ID?  Don’t know your pinches and swipes from your drags? This short session is for the iPad novice.  The hands-on workshop will help you:


> Identify the parts of the iPad

> Change the volume, brightness, wallpaper and keyboard layout

> Navigate the iPad and find apps

> Understand how to purchase apps


Please bring your iPad to this session.


Session dates

To be advised for 2015


Managing back-ups and restores


Disaster-proof your iPad!  This demonstration will help you:


> Understand what can be backed-up and restored on an iPad

> Identify the pros and cons of using iTunes or iCloud for back-ups

> Choose whether to use manual and automatic back-ups

> Free up space on your iPad

> Update the iOS


Session dates

To be advised for 2015


Making your iPad “kid-friendly”


Come along and see how you can customise the settings on your iPad to ensure your child's safety and your own peace of mind.  This hands-on workshop will help you:


> Restrict who can access the iPad

> Enable parental restrictions

> Restrict which apps and games your child can access

> Set up content (age) ratings

> Manage the way purchases occur

> Manage location privacy


Please bring your iPad to this session.


Session dates

To be advised for 2015


Managing screen time


We all know that iPads educate, entertain and inspire … but most children will need guidance at one time or another about striking a healthy balance between screen time and other activities.  This workshop will look at:


> What is considered a healthy amount of recreational screen time

> Strategies for managing iPad use for different age groups

> Apps that can be used for managing iPad use


Session dates

11.00am – 12.00pm Friday 4 April 2014

** Further sessions can be arranged based on demand **


Learning with iPads


While most of us accept mobile and digital technologies as part of everyday life, many of us are less familiar with how these are used in an educational setting.  There were no iPads when we were at school!  Come along to this presentation where you will learn more about:


> Technology and 21st century learning

> BYOD (bring your own device) philosophy

> Integration of iPads into the curriculum

> The types of apps used throughout the school

> What the future holds


Session dates

To be advised for 2015


Making the most of your family device


The iPad is a truly remarkable integrated device.  It’s a music player, an e-book reader, a browser, a game console, a still & video camera and a platform for more than half a million apps.


Come along to this fun session and see some of the possibilities in action.  Turn your iPad into a scanner, heart-rate monitor, TV, compass, digital photo-frame, magazine reader and more!


We will be looking at a range of apps and accessories that can be used with the iPad.


Session dates

To be advised for 2015