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iPad Background



Latest findings on the research, trial and use of iPads in schools can be found at: http://www.ipadsforeducation.vic.edu.au/ http://www.education.vic.gov.au/studentlearning/elearning/ipads/default.htm http://www.scoop.it/t/ipad-app-library http://twitter.com/#edtech or #edchat


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The iPad is the most engaging learning tool of choice to have emerged over the last twelve months in education. The innovative hardware has a simplified set of actions for children and this has been accompanied by an ever increasing number of intuitive applications of high quality which are ideally suited to students with a wide range of learning abilities and styles.


Educational technology is in a constant state of transition. In 2008, department guidelines suggested a minimum of four students to one classroom computer. In 2010, research indicated that a ratio of one notebook computer to one child when used both at home and at school, increased student learning outcomes. Whitehorse Primary School is preparing for learning environments where the ratio will be 'many to one'. Student devices will seamlessly and safely integrate into a learning environment networked at the speed of the information superhighway as student and teacher groups collaborate, create and connect within a global audience.



As a 21st Century Learning Community, Whitehorse Primary School is committed to leading change with students and their families while consolidating a culture of teaching and learning excellence. While it may appear that the use of the latest educational hardware such as the iPad within the walls of our award winning buildings is cutting edge, in fact it is the skillful selection and use of software by our teaching staff and students (on whatever platform) who respectfully learn to learn together, which will define our school and our local community into the future.


Paul Merriweather June 2011