iPad Apps

iPad Apps


Apps will continue to be added to this page as required and parents will need to check in from time to time. Not all suggested apps will be catergorised as Educational by the AppStore but be assured, if teachers have requested an App there will be an intended educational outcome for individual students. As teachers innovate, workshop and share their knowledge of Apps at school and online, this page of Apps will continue to change. If you would like to contribute to this exchange, please email the link to whitehorse.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au marked iPad Apps providing a short description as to how you believe your child's learning has been assisted.


ENGLISH Dictionary.com iBooks ReadmeStories($)



MATHS calculator mathboard - addition




MEDIA/PRESENTATION Toontastic    PreziViewer      iMovie($)     Explain Everything($)



SCIENCE/INTEGRATED STUDIES FieldGuide    GoogleEarth    Wikipanion     NASA






ART/MUSIC   GarageBand    Moma