Online Resources


eUP - eUP is an online planning tool that assists teachers to create meaningful curriculum.


Mathletics - Mathletics is an interactive e-Learning resource, being used by over 2,000 schools. Originating inAustralia, Mathletics is now being used in over ten countries. The primary goal of Mathletics is to improve Maths results. Of greatest value is the continual formative assessment which can be used diagnostically to guide both class and individual instruction.


SuperClubsPlus -SuperClubsPLUS is a safe social learning network where children experience first-hand how to keep themselves safe online. In particular, they learn the safe online strategies and behaviours required to better protect themselves on the wider Internet.


Ultranet - The Ultranet is a student centred electronic learning environment that supports high quality learning and teaching, connects students, teachers and parents and enables efficient knowledge transfer. It will establish a schools environment for the future that improves the educational outcomes of all Victorians.


Ultranet - 5min video