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Web 2.0


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Using Web 2.0 to develop a Personal Learning Network


One of the paradigm shifts that has occured for 21st Century teachers and schools, is that the onus of responsibility for professional development has shifted to the individual teacher.


The unprecedated wealth of uptodate, relevant and practical experiences, perceptions and resouces which is being created on the web each day by our colleagues around the world is available to us anywhere, anytime, using web 2.0 tools. We are able to pick and chose from the best educators around the world, who are doing what we are doing every day and reflecting online about it. Using Web 2.0 tools we can easily follow , comment, discus or create our own presence online with the people we find inspiring. This can all be done at a time and place most suitable to us.


Three points of reference which can best guide our PD endeavors at WPS are the Vision clearly articulated by the Principal, the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) which is updated each year to reflect state, local and federal initiatives and our PRP discusions and document.


Developing a Personal Learning Network does not need to be limited to staff alone. Adopted by each member of the school community, a PLN will not only reinforce our valuing of respect, diversity, healthy relationships and an authentic curriculum but also contribute to the building of a rich community of lifelong learners at Whitehorse Primary School.