Social Competencies

Social Competencies




A ‘Social Skill Set’ is a collection of smaller skills that work together for a bigger purpose. Here are four examples of ‘Social Skills Sets’


Social Skills Set for ‘Good Discussion’


Skills for good discussion include:

Including others;

active listening;

expressing opinions in a friendly and moderate way;

respectful disagreeing;

avoiding putdowns;

sharing the discussion space;

and suggesting and persuading


Social Skills Set for ‘ Cooperation’


Skills for cooperation include:

Sharing discussion space, resources, workload, and responsibility;

taking turns;

encouraging and supporting each other;


and avoiding putdowns


Social Skills Set for ’Handling Disagreements Well’


Skills for handling disagreements well include:

putting up with small annoyances,

avoiding putdowns,

active listening,

respectful disagreeing,

seeing the disagreement as mutual and fixable,

accepting that there are different views,

being assertive and

negotiating and asking for help if its needed


Social Skills Set for ‘Playing Games Well’


Skills for handling disagreements well:

playing by the rules;

sharing resources;

taking turns and having a fast game;

avoiding putdowns;

being a good winner and loser;

and respecting the efforts of other players