Computer Club

Computer Club


Another Extra-Curricular Activity


Every Monday and Friday lunchtimes, students share their knowledge and enjoyment of the virtual world on the computers in the lab. There are many subgroups of Interest, such as those building subterrainian structures within a virtual world in Minecraft, those who want to socialise online across the room using a secure and safe environment called SuperclubsPlus, those playing chess online or those who simply want to catch up on class work or update their portfolio or journal. There is always something new to discover, discuss or learn at Computer Club.




Dende answers Max's question about his SuperClubsPlus webpage.











The girls enjoy a humourous cartoon together and laugh at the same bit each time.











Owen studies the requirements for his next SCP challenge - The Green Star for Communications skills.











William shares his considerable expertise as he problem solves a technical issue.











Computer Club is a great chance to work on something you love doing with lots friends around who can help you if you happen to get stuck.











Carla puts on a favourite cartoon on the big screen and everyone has a great laugh together.