Junior School Council

Junior School Council


Student Governance


Each month in the week preceeding School Council, members of the Juniour School Council meet with Mrs Keats and Ms Radda to discuss all the ideas discussed in each class. Suggestions vary between special sport days, celebrations, fundraising opportunities and safety or health issues which students discuss and propose actions.


Each class votes two students to represent them who take notes in the class meeting, speak up at Junior School Council to explain and discuss ideas and then report back to the class.


Our two School Captains Christina and Damon, attend School Council to give their report from Junior School Council. Following their report, council members may question them on aspects of school life which they have alluded to. the School council meetins are usually held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Library.


So far this year the Junior School Council has organised:


Daffodil Day - students dressed in yellow and gave a gold coin donation towards cancer research.

Football Day - students dress up in their favourite football team colours